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Application areas

The many years of experience of C.Si.Co. Was born in a variety of contexts: from chemical to food, from tobacco to pharmaceutical. These are the areas where the most resources have been invested and where the most important results are counted.

The factors that have led to our success are:

  • Technology at the cutting edge
  • Flexibility in solutions
  • Adaptability of solutions
  • Scalability in implementation
  • Modularity in realization
Biodiesel production

The customer, who is in Piedmont, produces unusuals produced obtained with continuos processes and batch. C.Si.Co. he has arranged for the automation of all the systems of the establishment (more than 20). In this card one has the solution adopted for the biodiesel fuel production system.

Chemical establishment automation

The customer is realizing a new establishment in the north-east of Italy for the polyester production, alkyd and adipati through controlled reaction. He wishes an automation full-house solution.

Pharmaceutical industry
filming and tablets pelleting

The client is a company in Milan that produces machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. In this tab, we deal with a specific machine that realizes the filming / pelleting of tablets.

Resin Production

The customer, placed in the zone of Bergamo, is a big producer made of different typology resins (acrylic, vinyl, ureiche, fenoliche). C.Si.Co. he has realized the automation of all the departments; here the case of the department is introduced only resins ureiche.

Industrial boiler

The customer, Lombard, is leading in the industrial boiler production.

Tabacco manufacturing

The customer is a tobacco multinational company; in this case the yard is in USA. It is a complete primary manufacturing system. The customer has chosen as PLC Beckhoff standard and as supervisor the ZenOn platform.

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