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Tabacco manufacturing
The customer

The customer is a tobacco multinational company; in this case the yard is in USA. It is a complete primary manufacturing system. The customer has chosen as PLC Beckhoff standard and as supervisor the ZenOn platform.

The project

The system to be realized includes more than 50 PLC in optic ethernet network, everybody with its local supervision. Furthermore about ten of pcs is present for the general system and area supervisionThe biggest challenge, in this case, consists in organizing the project so as to maximise the efficiency of a work group of eight people's,  that they alternate themselves between the place of business and the yard to develop, bring up to date and put in service the various system parts.

The project
The solution

C.Si.Co. he plans and a bookshop of software blocks for PLC and the supervisor, realizes and a standard architecture plans for the software of the various stations. The main objective, reached perfectly, is to prepare the group of work in a uniform way to reach consistency and consistency in the realization.


The results

A management of the starting of absolute satisfaction for the customer. The work team follows with immediateness and without unbalances the various phases of the realization of the system which lasts almost two years. The other technicians' insertion in casa of need is facilitated by the clear and robust architecture placed in being. Modifications/additions turn out simplified for the fact to have a planned component bookshop ad-hoc.

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