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Pharmaceutical industry
filming and tablets pelleting
The customer

The client is a company in Milan that produces machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. In this tab, we deal with a specific machine that realizes the filming / pelleting of tablets.

The project

The customer needs to change the system used for the control of machines. This has made ​​it necessary for the changed needs of the market, which require superior performance and functionality.

  • It must be connected to the controller specific instrumentation industry. These devices have interfaces connecting heterogeneous networks varied serial (Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, CANopen). The interface of these tools to the existing system is very expensive.
  • It 'request the management of a database of recipes.
  • And required the production batch management in automatic.
  • It 'requires a man / machine interface more modern existing. In practice, instead of a control panel selector buttons and lamps, you want to move to a system based on graphical touch screen.
  • And requiring compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
The solution

Analysed the situation, C.Si.Co. it notices that, to obtain the wished results, a revision of the software one is not sufficient, since the used hardware does not allow to obtain some of the functionalities.

Nearby to the addition some component to the existing setup, C.Si.Co. the replacement of the hardware one proposes with a new conception system what, besides allow to realize all the request functionalities, he boasts performance majors and it is more economic.

The customer accepts the proposal. The system is composed of a PLC and a Pc. For the supervision and management of the recipe database using the libraries developed by C.Si.Co., resulting in a fully customizable system and without fixed costs of license.

The pc is provided with a touch monitor, and the page graphics is that Windows, much higher than that of the previous system and than that of the competition. The chosen controller is easily interfaceable to all the field buses.

Completely modulating being, the expense in hardware is reduced to the only forms necessary for an application date.

The results

The realization meets in height the project requirements, with more the liked surprise to have a cost in terms of hardware lower than the precedent of 25%. The system exceeds the procedure of validation FDA CFR 21 Part 11 successfully.

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