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Industrial boiler
The customer

The customer, Lombard, is leading in the industrial boiler production.

The project

For time the customer has explored the possibility of providing his machinery of a new system of automatic check, which, with respect to the current one, allows to reach the following objectives.

  • Rationalization: the current system is composed of various and variegated market equipment, everybody necessary for executing some specific functions. This way, arise high costs due on one side to sottoutilizzazione of every individual form, and from the other one to the realization of the necessary interfacing between of them.
  • Functionality: with the current system, some request functionalities from the market turn out of difficult or excessively expensive realization.
  • Flexibility and scalability: the customer hears the demand (a normal trend for the future), to move the functionality realization from the hardware one to the software one. This way, in fact, there is several flexibility in suiting it the demands specific of the customers, let alone the possibility of enabling or less functionality of the system without necessity of intervention on.
  • Diagnostics and remote parameterization: here is the necessity of being able to establish a remote link to the system of control, in order to check the diagnostic system situation for any interventions driven at a distance, o for a remote parameter tuning, or still monitor the activities and the operators' actions to ends of control.
  • Statistical analysis: in order to improve the products, the customer wishes to be able to pick up, always from remote link, historical data concerning the combustion efficiency and the emissions, to be able make a post-analisi on the gathered data.
  • HMI interface/car: the current system consists of a textual panel for the parameter insertion, with a series of buttons and LED for the signallings and the effectiveness. The customer wishes the interface to be modern, with graphic qualities and user-friendly, intuitive both for the installer and must set up the various parameters, what for the operator who must perform the task to lead the exercise.
The solution

C.Si.Co. he proposes the replacement of all the expensive hardware with a single controller. It is a machine chosen suitably to satisfy the customer's requirements. The proposed device allows to realize, on the same unity, the control functions and the ones of man/machine interface. Is an industrial device with Windows operating system and run-time Soft-PLC, whose C.Si.Co validity. he already tested for many years in his installations. The Windows operating system availability, allows C.Si.Co. to exploit the libraries  and the drivers to height create for the supervision, realizing an applicatory one customized for this case, which, besides the normal supervision functionalities, has also the following features:

  • Graphic interface specifies for the load curve configuration.
  • User-fiendly functionality configuration.
  • Configurable Sms message functionality and/or e-mail.
  • Remote link for teleassistance and remote supervision.
The results

The system so implemented reaches all the project objectives, with a hardware cost lower than the existing one more than 65%. Considered that the customer sells a hundreds of cars at the year, the obtained saving is such as to offset the investment in the first 4 months of sales. The obtained possession a several performante system produces in the first year, an increase of the orders of 15%.

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