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Chemical establishment automation
The customer

The customer is realizing a new establishment in the north-east of Italy for the polyester production, alkyd and adipati through controlled reaction. He wishes an automation full-house solution.

The project

The establishment is constituted from:

  • productive department composed of various size reactors (from 20 to 30 ton)
  • CTE department composed by users fitted to the steam production and to the heating of the used diathermic oil for the production
  • refrigeration department as evaporative towers and ciller
  • substance pulling down put in atmosphere department, see RTO (ossidatore) and/or combustor termo system
  • department infustaggio, produced packaging in trunks or cisterns management
  • department electrical users control cabin
  • raw material arrival used then in production management raw material department, ended product store storage department.
The solution

The system must check from the productive processes, to the utilities, to the fire protection system, up also to the entry gates. As platform PLC is proposed to accepted Siemens S7, as iFix supervision (Intellution, GE-Fanuc). A system composed by more than 20 PLC of the class 400 and 300, with optic ethernet network to superabounded ring and decentralized Profibus DP periphery is implemented.

The supervision system consists of superabounded servers with 30 client stations placed in all the establishment. At MES level, the system of control batch developed by C.Si.Co is installed. for the Windows operating system. It interfaces to PLC and automatically executes the various production phases, according to the parameters and the wished specific of the customer.

The results

The automation equipped with the establishment allows a management of all the functions almost without necessity of human intervention. Production costs are therefore reduced to the minimum. The customer this way considerably reaches a system yield superior with respect to other establishments, a lot of to be been able to amortize the investment in suns twelve months of production.

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