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Biodiesel production
The customer

The customer, who is in Piedmont, produces unusuals produced obtained with continuos processes and batch. C.Si.Co. he has arranged for the automation of all the systems of the establishment (more than 20). In this card one has the solution adopted for the biodiesel fuel production system.

The project

The customer disposes, in the establishment, of infrastructures suitable to the biodiesel production process realization.  The main problems are bound to the danger of explosion, due to the components in game, and per space extent, since the existing tanks to be used are placed on an extensive area

The solution

C.Si.Co. he suggests using a system based on decentralized Profibus PA periphery. With this European standard, all the necessary instrumentation and the acquisition of the signals from the field he turns out specifically created in accordance with the ATEX laws for the explosive danger areas. At the same time, Profibus PA allows to minimize the electrical installation costs, since it is based on the transport of feeding and signal on the same leading support.

The result is a drastic reduction in wiring, with savings in terms of raw material (cable), installation costs (less work for electricians), period of commissioning (I / O test) and, finally, maintenance, since the reduction of the intrinsic complexity brings with it a reduction of the number of faults.

As regards the controller, one orients himself towards PLC. C.Si.Co. has developed experiences on many of the most well known systems (Siemens S5, S7, PCS7, Allen Bradley, Omron, ...) but at the same time uses considerable resources in the market proposal analysis what and therefore proposes alternative solutions what, also with not lower performances, costs decidedly have competitive and allow, for the vanguard features, ones to save in the realization and maintenance of the software one.

The customer favourably accepts the C.Si.Co proposal. and this way the chosen controller allows a reduction of the costs of software hardware supplying and development of the application.

For monitoring, the customer chooses the solution C.Si.Co., based on native libraries and drivers for Windows.

Thanks to these choices, and being all the equipment on net, it is possible to develop the tools on the controller and the supervision to be able to access and diagnostics of the field devices directly from the application of supervision on pc, with big advantage for the operators and instrumentalists and hardware/software costs extremely reduced with respect to the traditional solutions.

The results

The implemented system allows the system production at continuos cycle, with a productive capacity of hundreds of ton/the day. In case of failure of a tool, the integrated diagnostics application allows you to locate the problem immediately. The replacement procedure is as much quick, since under the electrical point of view it is sufficient connect the Profibus PA bus (2 threads), while the tool configuration is directly unloaded in few second by the supervisor. The installation is certified according to ATEX without any problem. Corporation put before the fuel producers' check checks are made extremely quick and simplified by the realtime availability on the supervisor of all the necessary data.

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